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Time to Pivot: Your Next Career Move & How to Shift Your Identity

4/2/20: We all have a normalcy bias - a tendency to believe things will function the way they always have. Recent events have created a “new normal” for each of us, our families, companies, and communities. Now we have an opportunity to apply flexible thinking to our future career steps.

  • What did I believe to be true, that is no longer true?

  • What new functions or roles will leverage my strengths or passions?

  • What skills can I grow right now?

Early in your career we move up a vertical career ladder, but there are so many options once you have deep experience. Do you want to:

  • jump up the ladder to the C-suite?

  • start your own company?

  • move to consulting and board service in a portfolio life?

  • leverage your experience as a speaker or coach?

  • ​when a lateral move is the best option?

Whether your next move is up the career ladder or into a portfolio life, it is crucial to create a strategy to navigate the changes with flexibility and strength. Join us for an interactive discussion with practical advice to navigate your next pivot from women who have done it. Build a roadmap to concretely identify your next career destination with clarity and confidence.


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