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The Power of the Parlay Effect: How Female Connection Can Change the World

2/11/20: Do you sometimes feel as though your unique identity has been swept away by the tides of work and family?

Do you hear the call to effect positive change in the world but can’t find a place to start?

You are not alone. Just shy of her 50th birthday, former advertising agency CEO Anne Devereux-Mills lost her health to cancer, her last child to college and her job to the recession. Stripped of everything that had comprised her self worth, she set out on a path to rediscover her identity and recreate her life.

In her new book, The Parlay Effect: How Female Connection Can Change the World, Devereux-Mills tells the story of Parlay House and uses her insights as its founder to show how small actions can result in a meaningful boost in self-awareness, confidence and vision. Woven through the book are the findings of research that Devereux-Mills conducted in collaboration with Dr. Serena Chen, a tenured professor of social psychology at UC Berkeley who investigated the social science behind the Parlay effect.

Join Anne Devereux-Mills and Serena Chen, Ph. D., to explore a vision and a method for anyone who is going through a life transition and who wants to find and create communities that have positive and multiplying effects.


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