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How Dynamic Women are Leading into the Future of Work

2/25/20: You will devise solutions and action steps that take you and your organizations into the future. We need you to be a top leader going forward, being on the leading edge and taking action are key.

21st Century leadership demands that we understand and develop collaborative team networks, acknowledge and support a multi-generational workforce, education and training programs to support your team with diverse preferences and expectations. Employees are seeking flexible workplaces that strengthen their skills, clarifies work plans, and rewards successful outcomes.

  • How will you develop a culturally diverse workplaces that excels?

  • How will you manage the inclusion factor for remote workers?

  • Is up-leveling human behavior skills on your future agenda?

  • How will you manage a multi-generational workplace?

  • What skills will your employees need and use to be productive?

  • Have you mapped out your strategic plan to include managing change?

  • Will you create and manage flexible and remote work?

  • Have you mapped out strategies so that you and your team will adapt to change?

We will support you to map out the key elements and support you in becoming a lithe futurist. Our speakers will share their expertise to help you create a plan to be powerful, effective, and respected as you mitigate the shaky terrain that constantly defines our evolving workplaces.


  • Marianne Jackson, President & Principal Consultant, 3g Human Capital Consulting


  • Nancy Hauge, Chief Human Resources Officer, Automation Anywhere

  • Subha Rajana, CEO, Biarca

  • Sunita Shenoy,Director of Strategic Planning, Industrial Internet of Things, Intel


  • Teresa Alvarado, SPUR

  • Teena Bhatia, City National Bank

  • Niki Gastinel, Astound

  • Annalise Morris, Merrill Lynch

  • Rika Nakazawa, BoardSeatMeet, Inc.

  • Sonya Pelia, Cira Apps Limited

  • Nicole White, ABD Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.


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