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Breadwinner Moms Rising

4/30/20: Over the past several decades, there have been a significant growth in the number of women who are breadwinners within relationships (earn more than their male partner/spouse). While there has been a lot of press coverage of the societal shifts leading to more breadwinner moms, there has been little attention to the unique struggles that these couples face, and their tips for making their partnerships work (and thrive!). Dr. Michele Madansky has conducted research with 100s of breadwinner moms and their partners. She will share some of the insights from her research and lead a panel discussion with breadwinner moms on some of their challenges and successes.

Elizabeth Harz, CEO Sittercity

Erin Summers, Facebook, Wogrammer

Alison Richards, Intel Corporation

Moderated by: Dr. Michele Madansky, Michele Madansky Consulting


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