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Women Lead Differently: Owning your Strength to Lead a World in Pain

5/12/20: Our beautiful world is in pain, and so are we.

Women lead differently and that leadership is sorely needed right now. You are what the world needs now.

In this interactive and inspiring workshop, Jennifer Kenny, leadership innovator and coach to the world’s foremost thinkers, and Nicole DeMeo, personal branding and communications leader, look forward to exploring with you what it means to lead differently, as a woman. We will show you how tap into 100% of your leadership capacities by embracing the totality of your leadership. We will introduce you to frameworks for speaking about and better understanding your incredible strength as women leaders.

We will look at how some fabulous leaders are forging a new kind of leadership during this crisis. These leaders are breaking out of the binary and using both their female and male leadership traits and qualities – 100% of their leadership capabilities – to speak to a world in desperate need of a new kind of leadership.

Then we will provide you with some of Jennifer’s frameworks – currently being used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and start-ups – for speaking and thinking about ‘100% Capacity Leadership’. In the interactive session, you’ll have a list of leadership qualities to review and reflect on when you have used specific qualities from that list. We’ll invite you to put your examples in chat, and we will read and share some of them so that we all may learn. We will finish by inviting you to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect those words and your powerful example.

Our goal is for you to FEEL: Seen, heard, and valued as strong women leaders…together.

We want you to be able to relish a time of SOLIDARITY with other women leaders. We will give you words to own your unique POWER and VALUE. Together we will TAKE a STAND for 100% Capacity Leadership by sharing it in COMMUNITY, putting it on LinkedIn, and helping the world understand how to see, hear, and value this new kind of leadership that women, and some men, are engaging to lead the world out of pain and towards a better, more compassionate, and balanced future.

Join us for this reflective and empowering session.


Jennifer Kenny speaks, writes and delivers transformational programs on Leading Human Innovation for complex global organizations and their leadership teams. She masterfully focuses on the two biggest levers for innovation: gender-balanced leadership and mindset.

Jennifer is a consultant and trusted advisor to global leadership teams at technology, research, energy and mobility organizations across the world. She has delivered and transformed over 600 people in her 100% Capacity Leadership trainings and interactive workshops globally.

With over 25 years of experience in strategy, leadership development and technology-driven transformation, Jennifer has held senior positions with Accenture, Booz Allen and Gartner, senior executive roles with Wells Fargo Cisco and UCSF, and was CIO at Stanford Research Institute. She is also on the Advisory Board of

Passionate about helping women thrive in complex technical environments, Jennifer dedicates her time to support women’s leadership and the huge, unrecognized value of their contributions, both current and potential, to society.

Jennifer was awarded the internationally acclaimed IDG DEMO Entrepreneurship Award, won the Intel/University of California Business Plan Award, and the ITLG Silicon Valley Top 50 Award. She is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Jennifer holds a M.Sc. (Hons.), in Engineering Geology, Imperial College, University of London, a B.Sc. (Hons), in Geology and Chemistry from University College, Dublin.

Nicole DeMeois an accomplished business launch, growth, turnaround and crisis expert. A Silicon Valley veteran, she works closely with executive teams to develop marketing strategies and guides companies through multiple phases of their lifecycle. Her participation in more than 50 company launches - including four of her own – has resulted in turnarounds, significantly increased valuations, acquisitions and IPOs.

Nicole has served as brand ambassador and marketing strategist for industry leaders such as Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Carly Fiorina and Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Hewlett Packard and Accenture. Nicole has served on leadership teams including Andra Capital, glispa and Organic and advises fast-growth companies and funds like Barnraiser, EyeEm, Peak Games, Earlybird Venture Capital and How Women Invest.

With her By Her Side initiative Nicole focuses on helping female leaders build their personal brands and fulfill their life’s mission. By amplifying their gifts, their voices, their IP, and their leadership. . . she helps to catapult more women into leadership and create systems change.

Fueled by her desire to give back, she has supported national non-profits including: The American Red Cross, UPWARD and How Women Lead. Nicole is a founder of Outfront Solutions (her fourth agency) frequent public speaker and media contributor with a passion for entrepreneurship and female founders. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and delights in making wine as the owner of Media Luna Vineyards.


  • Barbara Leavitt,Marketing & Communications Executive

  • Jeanne Beacham,Delphon Industries LLC

  • Jennifer Cohen,Toyota Research Institute

  • Arlene Noodleman, Revercel

  • Jeanine Moss, Outfront Solutions

  • Shamini Dhana, Dhana Inc.

  • Heather Jerrehian, Startup Executive


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