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The Five Essential Elements: Transform Your Energy, Impact & Life

1/29/20: Why do some people thrive in the midst of a challenge while others wither? 

Does the tyranny of busy-ness need to be a staple of your life? 

How can you get more done in less time without sucking your sense of wellness dry?

We live in challenging times, and, as women, now more than ever we are faced with competing demands of our time and energy at home and at work.  This can leave us feeling depleted, tired, distressed. Yet, there is another way.  

Enter: The Five Essential Elements. We know that the success of high achievers in any realm rests upon their structured investment in themselves, which produces extraordinary results. Having the consistent energy you crave rests upon five key areas: health & nutrition, rest & renewal, joy & passion, focus & growth, time & effort.  

Join us for this dynamic workshop to discover how these five elements can be a part of your daily life and experience your most vital and effective self, at home and work. In this workshop, you will use The Thriving Quiz and the Five Essentials to assess your current energy status and determine your next best steps. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about and connect with yourself, most importantly

  • Connect with like-minded women

  • Understand, explore, and learn how to integrate the five essential elements into our lives, both at work and at home.

  • Design an action plan to integrate the five essential elements in our lives.

Speaker Overview:

Barbara Waxman, Gerontologist, Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Author; Founder, The Odyssey Group LLC and Creator of the Five Essential Elements; Executive Board of Advisors, How Women Lead

Amanda Gulino, Leadership Coach for Women, Organizational Culture Consultant; Founder of A Better Monday and Affiliate Coach with The Odyssey Group LLC


“I was shocked by the new insights that The Thriving Quiz unsurfaced! I thought I was thriving and turns out I have room to raise the bar to supercharge my mojo!”

– Lisa Kavanaugh, Leadership Coach


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