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Introduction to Cybercrime for Board Members and Executives

2/26/20: Security breaches transform calm working environments into high-stress battle zones. Informed executives and board directors are better equipped to understand the threat and make corresponding decisions smartly and quickly.

In California, public boards now require a women on each board and cybersecurity expertise is essential. Join this webinar to learn the core concepts of cybercrime and incident response. The webinar will provide critical insight into the many issues investigators and victim organizations face when defending networks and responding to security breaches.

LED BY: Joe Perry, Senior Technical Instructor, FireEye/Mandiant

Speaker Overview: Joe Perry is the Senior Technical Instructor with FireEye/Mandiant, and is an industry leader for cybersecurity training. He began his career in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician, where he became the first enlisted Sailor in history to be accepted to (and graduate) the NSA’s prestigious Computer Network Operations Development Program, collecting numerous awards in the process. Since leaving the Navy, he has worked variously as an educator, software engineer, cybersecurity media correspondent, and research director. His online training classes have attracted more than half a million students, and he’s provided analysis and input to publications from quarterly Data Center Management journals to Forbes. In his ostensibly private life, he’s an avid gamer who develops and consults on the development of tabletop role playing games.


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