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Money Talks

Our speakers, Maya Tussing and Katharine Earhart, used technology, games, prizes, and a pop-up panel, to playfully teach us the five steps of "The Ask" and how to determine your financial worth. We all walked away with some very creative, effective ideas for negotiationg and optimizing your financial capital and potential.

The key points of their strategy were:

1. Size up the market

A) Value: How much does your objective cost?

B) Financial Health: Can you or your donor, investor or organization afford it?

C) Decision Maker: Who is the ultimate person you need to influence to get what you want?

D) Personal Income: Are you valued by the person, clients or organization funding you?

E) Replacement Value: Are their alternatives to funding you?

2. Investigate and interview: when you want to know more about a job or how much you should make, talk to someone who has experience in that field.

3. Strategize: What is the maximum I can ask for? How will I increase revenue and decrease cost? What is Plan B?

4. Act! 70% of asking works. Ask for what you want, negotiate, and don't forget reciprocity!

I feel like with events like the one this week we are spreading important knowledge about how we can all get ahead and knock down that glass ceiling.

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