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The cyber landscape is continually changing, and the past is not always a good indication of the future. Comprehensive data protection is a must. Breaches and non-compliance have consequences ranging from fines to lost productivity, diminished reputation and buyer trust, and lawsuits. Today, building a holistic and proactive data protection strategy is a necessity to offset threats, manage buyer expectations, and comply with evolving regulations. 

As board members you get Harvey Ball charts and dashboards that are mostly green, with the occasional yellow/orange/red and associated ‘plan’ to address. The greens probably make you most nervous and the dashboards generally seem much too high level. The real problems lurk in the bowels, beneath the fancy charts. What are specific questions board members should ask of their CIO/CSO to understand the company’s level of risk and readiness? The calls to action are getting greater insight into the ever-changing threat landscape so you can ask more insightful questions and dig below the superficial dashboards.

Our panel will give members a chance to ask questions of people immersed in the topic daily for real world perspective and get insight into the governance implications.

9:00-10:00 AM PST/12:00-1:00 PM:Making Cybersecurity a Priority in the Boardroom

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