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STORY IN A DOT: How to Pack an Experience into a Single Metaphor

1/28/20: Marketing is coming in smaller and smaller packages. We used to have 1 min TV ads; now we have 10 seconds to capture attention. We used to have full page ads; now we have 2 inches on Facebook. We used to see 500 ads per day; now we see 5,000. Your message has become a single dot in an ocean of marketing.

In an era of digital marketing, it has become necessary to pack an evocative story into a single dot. Maya Bourdeau, co-CEO of Attune (awarded top 10 worldwide for innovation strategy) will arm women with the cutting age knowledge to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive field.

Our experts will share how to :

DISCOVER great ideas through subconscious fantasies (consumers are bombarded with new innovations, what is the idea that will truly surprise and delight them?)

OVERCOME consumer barriers to an idea by reframing (a head on, conscious attack usually backfires - instead, go around the barrier with a different association)

TARGET consumers with a simple evocative story (for a message to cut through, learn how to communicate a rich experience in a single sound bite)


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