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Importance of Digital & Data Governance & Ethics in the 21st Cent Boardroom

3/25/20: The role of the board is changing in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Digital Economy. Data is the new currency and digital experience is the new customer experience.

As the regulatory environment expands to include data privacy, and lawmakers and federal regulatory bodies increasingly focus on technology companies in antitrust investigations, the role of the board must evolve to keep up with this change. Committee structures must change, and the experience and expertise of board members needs to change to address the new issues and challenges facing organizations in the digital age.

This webinar will explore the importance of digital and data governance and ethics in the 21st century boardroom. It will help board members understand their new role, the new areas of focus, and the right questions to ask to effectively provide corporate governance in the digital age. We will discuss the importance of digital and data governance and ethics and provide a checklist of the key questions to ask to conduct a data audit and digital due diligence.

Learning Objectives:

  • The evolving role of the board director in the digital economy

  • The right questions board members should ask to ensure regulatory compliance with new data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and more

  • How to conduct a data audit and digital due diligence

LED BY: Jen McClure, CEO, JEM

Speaker Overview: Jen McClure’s board and senior management experience and expertise in digital and social media – from strategy to cyber risk management, data privacy compliance, and digital ethics – provides boards with valuable experience, insights, counsel and oversight capabilities much-needed in today's digital economy.

Jen is CEO of JEM, dedicated to helping organizations accelerate and succeed in the digital age through consulting and advisory services, research and publications. Previously, as VP of Digital and Social Media at Thomson Reuters, she founded and led the company’s Digital Center of Excellence, responsible for digital strategy, transformation, governance, compliance and risk management across the global enterprise.

Jen is considered to be one of the original authorities on digital and social media. She founded the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR), a non-profit think tank focused on the impact of new and emerging digital technologies on business, media, culture and society. She served as Board Chair for SNCR for 10 years, and led the merger with The Conference Board in early 2016. Jen now serves as a Distinguished Principal Fellow and Program Director of The Conference Board, supporting the organization’s mission to provide trusted insights to help leaders navigate the biggest issues facing business.

Jen has served on family-owned, private company boards, corporate advisory boards and nonprofit boards. She is a Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors, and has served on the NACD's steering committee for emerging companies. She currently serves on the board of KQED, the Leadership Team of How Women Lead and the Advisory Board of How Women Give.


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