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The Only Woman in the Room

9/17/19: As successful women leaders join the ranks of senior executives, they often notice the dwindling number of female colleagues. The women who take on the top jobs, are often, the only woman on the executive team or the only woman on the board. At most meetings, they are the only woman in the room. The key success factors that got these women to the top jobs are not the ones that will keep them there. A new skill set is required to succeed in an environment where male relationships and norms have long been established. This interactive discussion is designed to share strategies to help you succeed in this environment every day.

Focus areas include:

Mastering situational leadership – using the right suit of armor

Advancing your agenda – taking the temperature of the audience

Staying on strategy – playing the long game

Maintaining command through chaos – focusing on the big picture

Finding your voice – accepting silent agreement is your enemy, pushing back

Julie Cavanna-Jerbic will be delivering the keynote on her observations in corporate life as The Only Woman in the Room, followed by audience participation in a short workshop. Notable, executive women panelists across four generations will round out the evening by sharing their most memorable experiences.

Join us for to take you leadership skills to the next level and fulfill your potential as strategic leaders.

Registration closed.


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