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How Women Lead in the Boardroom Annual Breakfast

11/15/17: On November 15, we gathered together with CEOs, board directors, venture capitalists and 500 powerful advocates for women on boards. 20 cities around the US did the same and because of the advocacy and shining a light on the companies doing it right, we were thrilled to announce that the 2020 Women on Boards movement has met it's goal three years early, with women on corporate boards reaching 20.8%! We all agree that this is great progress, and now we need to set our sights higher in the years to come.

Our speakers provided terrific advice, shared their experiences with authenticity and you could hear a pin drop as everyone leaned in to hear: David Chun, Evelyn Dilsaver, Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Caretha Coleman and Yumi Narita.

Congratulations to our well deserving honorees:

    Equilar - Disruptor Award

    Redwood Trust  - Leading the Way Award

    Magdalena Yesil - Fearless Leader Award

A special thank you to our Event Co-Chairs who made Wednesday's event possible: Johanne Bouchard, Christina Bui, Mary Jo Potter, Vicki Tisdale and Cindy Worthington. And thank you to all of the fantastic women on our 2017 Leadership Committee. 

We all agreed we want to 1) do more to connect board director prospects, 2) train people on how to get their first board and 3) act together to push companies and industries to do better.


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