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I Have Your Back! Women Promoting and Supporting Each Other

Last week we had a beautiful event at Prologis where we discussed the societal structures that set women up to compete with each other and the changes we can make to combat these forces to support each other instead. It was a really unique environment. We denounced the mean-girl facade, prioritized balance, discussed ways of finding your best self through forming a supportive network, and learned about ways we can support women every day - from shopping at women-owned businesses to using language that validates other women instead of putting them down.

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate, especially to our moderator, Audrey Cooper, and panelists, Katrina Dickson, Erin Gore, and Kai Felton. These women shared their experience and advice including ideas around how to communicate with other women in constructive ways that encourage a space of support and warmth.

On making comments and criticism, Katrina advised that you always starting positive with comments like "I know you are really good at X, were you aware of that? How can I support that?". Kai told us that when receiving criticism, sometimes you need to "listen to the message and not how it's delivered." We then made a list of agreements - all of us pledging to do our part to be women for each other.

We all agree to:

1. Actively support women in progressing on their career path.

2. Look out where can support them by making introductions.

3. Encourage them to investigate their value and ask for what they are worth.

4. Advise women to set boundaries around how much they will work.

5. Support women and women owned businesses by hiring them and referring work to them.

6. Come from "abundance", rather than lack. There is plenty to go around.

7. Invite women to step into their power and find their voice.

8. Encourage women to be bold and step big.

9. Be kind and treat other women with good intentions.

10. Ask if she would like your input. If so, offer constructive feedback.

11. Ask questions and find out how you can be helpful.

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