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** Due to COVID-19, no retreats are scheduled at this time. If you would like to be notified when retreats resume, please add your email. 

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Do you crave a transformational experience where you can forge lifelong friendships while gaining the courage and inspiration to reimagine your life and your career?

We thought so. 

That's why we've designed retreat opportunities for 20 women leaders to come together to expand their horizons, push past their limiting beliefs and embark on a journey to design their own future. Our leadership curriculum ignites a powerful journey of self-exploration that unfolds against beautiful backdrops of international destinations like Cuba and Guatemala-  the perfect locations for fresh thinking and bold ideas. 

A transformative opportunity to connect globally

During our retreats, you'll forge deep bonds with fellow travelers and gain insights and inspiration from women in the Global South.By the week's end, you'll leave refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the next chapter of life with your new tribe by your side! 

Noni Allwood and Julie Castro Abrams lead these immersive cultural experiences which include opportunities to connect with women artisans and entrepreneurs while learning about the cultural and political landscape impacting women in Cuba and Guatemala. 


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Why travel with How Women Lead

Since 2017, we have carefully curated each leadership retreat to include top women leaders from our powerful network who will become your new sisterhood- your friends for life. You won't find this experience anywhere else because we've spent years building relationships in Cuba and Guatemala, cultivating a network of women eager to share these countries through their own lens. Our contacts have pulled back the curtain to show us a side of these destinations that few tourists ever get to see. This is no ordinary tourist excursion. This is an exclusive opportunity to connect with and learn from Cuban and Guatemalan women while exploring this mysterious, magical cultures. 

Trip highlights


Our itinerary centers around these themes:

Purpose:  Local activists and journalists will inspire us for our exploration of purpose

Connection: Forge deep relationships and experiences with other women leaders from around the world that will be fostered over time

Creativity: Explore the arts and culture of countries rich in history: awaken creative juices and fill our souls.

Vision: Learn from the experience and perspective of women entrepreneurs creating a profound impact on the economy, daily life and the environment in Cuba.


Cuba - March 2018

Cuba - February 2017

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