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San Francisco

40 years from now, women will achieve parity with men in corporate boardrooms.

We can't wait that long. 

It's time to demand action.


A Weeklong Virtual Summit of Advocacy & Action to Catapult Fearless Women Leaders into Board Seats

 [ October 18-22, 2021 ]






Board-ready Women

Join us and 3000 others for the 2021 #GetOnBoard Week, an exciting virtual summit filled with 30+ board-related activities for board-ready and active female board directors, as well as colleagues seeking to learn more about the movement and to meet our impressive group of women leaders.

Diverse boards have become imperative:

  • 100% of S&P companies have at least one female director

  • 22.6% of board directors in the U.S. are women

6 states have followed California's lead with SB826 and have adopted or proposed amendments for gender diversity in the boardroom. This means 1000s of seats for women are opening up in the coming years.


There has never been a better time to invest in your personal board journey. To that end, How Women Lead is proud to announce our second #GetOnBoard Week! 


Here is what you’ll get out of #GetOnBoard Week:


  • Skill development that will make you a more compelling and effective board director

  • Networking with other leading women board directors

  • Inspiration as you hear from women like you who have secured board seats and are kicking down doors for more women to take their seats at the table

How Women Lead is one of the primary actors driving the change in corporate board composition in the US. Research confirms that companies perform better when boards are diverse and focus on stakeholder value.

Register now to be a part of the #GetOnBoard movement.

#GetonBoard by How Women Lead

#GetonBoard by How Women Lead

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